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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you etch anymore? 


     After 30 years of etching, I want to try something new and I wanted to pursue an earth friendly form of creativity. This requires no nitric acid or oil base inks and no metal plates. It is truely my work with none of the complex chemical issues I dealt with for so many years. 


Why can't I find your work elsewhere, like I used to? 


    I did shows my whole career as an artist. I travelled 20-30 weeks a year, so you may have seen me at shows or local galleries who bought from me at shows. Now you can only find my work here. I no longer do shows. My prices reflect the savings of not having to travel and not having to pay show or gallery fees. I sell wholesale, directly to you.


Why is the Gallery smaller?


    It really isn't. I've reconfigured the space to accomodate the change in my workflow. This allows for the Gallery to also function as a live studio environment. I am creating and producing what I sell right here in the gallery. 




     Art is an arrow that goes one direction and you can take the ride and risks or do the same thing over and over. I choose to ride.


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